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If the taxpayer does not choose the flat-rate plan, the taxes that must be paid on income, the difference between expenses and revenues are as follows: municipal surcharge, regional surcharge, and, in the case of IRAP, the IRAP surcharge. There comes the การทำบัญชี  with the best solutions.

For the Taxpayers

If the taxpayer conforms to the flat-rate system, he would only be liable for the substitution tax levied on the invoices that have been sent to him.

The personal income tax has a rate in tabular form that grows proportionately to income, but the municipal and regional surcharges, as well as the IRAP, have a set rate that is determined by the municipality or area in which the taxpayer resides.

For the flat rate, the rate is fixed at 15 percent of the flat rate income provided according to the code of the activity carried out, with a 5 percent discount for the first year if certain requirements are met. For the variable rate, the rate is fixed at 15 percent of the variable rate income provided according to the code of the activity carried out.

To what extent do the tax authorities require professionals to comply with their obligations?

What are the benefits of an online consultation?A variety of messages must be sent to taxpayers who have a VAT number, depending on the taxation regime: a VAT return, an income tax return, an declaration, a Form 770, and, last but not least, a Single Certification. All of these rules are intended to help in the fight against tax evasion. While some are actual fulfillments that result in tax obligations, other declarations are only declaratory.

What procedures are in place to handle accounting?

What are the benefits of an online consultation? Accounting is handled by the entry of all tax and income data into a management software package, of which there are several on the market, although not all of them can do intra-annual income analyses. Predicting how much a taxpayer will pay in taxes is a useful tool for both the taxpayer and the government, and it may aid in the formulation of future programs.

Consultancy services available online

Having your consultant accessible throughout the day and knowing that you can rely on appropriate advice at any time provides taxpayers with a sense of security, and knowing that you won’t have to spend too much time getting it is surely an additional bonus.

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