Having Trouble Making a Decision? Get Rid of the GREY!

Do you realize the profound impact color has on each of us every day? We are continually bombarded with color references in our daily lives, but also through multimedia advertising, retail, and even our language. Color adds romance to the ordinary, it makes the unappetizing, delicious, and the ugly, beautiful. The lesson is in understanding it’s meaning so you can master it’s use. Ready for color 101?

Grey is considered a color that promotes indecision and often we reach for it when going through a time of life or career change. Have you noticed a friend or colleague wearing a lot of gray lately? Perhaps they are going through a divorce or break up, could be a job change, or they are just feeling uncertain. If you need to make a big decision or will be negotiating with clients skip the Grey for a quicker close.

Grey also promotes a feeling of the blahs, for example, if you are feeling gray or it is a gray day out, you often sense a sort of gloom descending. Fight the gray moments with red, yellow or orange!

In advertising, Grey is most often used for electronics and security. Think of the color of cables and stainless steel lock boxes and dead bolts. Security trucks are always steel Grey. Circuit City, before they went under, used grey coupled with red (drives sales) and was one of the original consumer big box chains.

In clothing, Grey is often most effectively and handsomely paired with pewter, nickel, platinum or silver. These are warm metals, whereas chrome is decidedly cooler. Note that a platinum card has more clout than a mere gold card. And platinum is considered the metal of choice most often for wedding bands.

Grey can be warm or cool depending on if it is blue based or yellow based. Mouse Grey is usually warmer than steel gray and there are any number of gradations in between. In fact, every color can be made warmer with a dose of yellow or cooler with a dose of blue. The impact will change from “ooh” to “ahh.” What effect do you want to achieve?

Pay attention to the color your see every day, examine how it is used and how you feel around it. Knowing the subtleties can be the road to marketing gold.