Out of Home Advertising and the Use of Outdoor TV Enclosures

Out Of Home advertising covers numerous mediums, as you can appreciate when ever we leave our home we see advertisements everywhere, from shopping malls to filling up the car with fuel, marketing messages are there and there for a reason.

Businesses use OOH advertising to send their marketing message to you for their products or service, now for example, when you go to New York, take a look at the buildings that have massive advertising banners on them, these are under construction and ideal for a company to inform people of the brand. These are manufactured from material and printed with the relevant ad then installed on to the buildings. The limitations with this advertising medium is that once it’s printed it can not be changed for new product lines, however this is the most cost effective marketing methods.

The second medium is indoor digital signage, this is in shopping malls, cinemas and indoor centers, these are normally run through a media player that stores the marketing content, the displays are LCD TVs ranging form 22 inches up to 70 inches and you will soon see a 108 inch LCD from Samsung. Now these have the screen split in to various sectors, 1 can run video, another have rotating images, 1 static sector – ideal for text and you can even add RSS feeds. These are brilliant for keeping people up to date with the daily news, stock figures, etc with the added benefit of displaying the marketing message of the advertisers. The limitations for this type of advertising is the cost, but costs are falling and an indoor signage solution can be installed for just over $1,000.

The benefits are huge, as the content can be changed as and when changes are needed and can even be scheduled to come on at set times to get the maximum benefit. For example if you were a cinema and knew your quiet times were 3pm to 7pm on Tuesdays, you could set the campaign to promote a 2 for 1 ticket offer for the times and advertise it on Mondays, giving people time to call a friend and see the movie.

Outdoor digital signage is the last area we will look for now, this is when businesses install indoor digital signage outdoors, normally in areas that are un-manned and could have a potential vandal risk. You will have seen these at transport terminals and gas stations, they work identically to the indoor signage systems but need to be protected from the weather as well as vandalism. The limitations with this sort of project is cost again, a single unit can be installed for approximately $1,500, but these can be accessed remotely and you never have to go to site, like the indoor signage systems, you just set them and forget them.