Repetition is the Key to Advertising

Advertising is an essential part of growing and expanding your business. You cannot expect your business to grow without consistent advertising and promotion. This does not mean you need to break the bank to advertise. You do not need to use expensive advertising methods to promote your business. You do, however, need to be smart in how you advertise and you need to be realistic in what to expect from your advertising.

Many businesses fall into what could be called the “now you see me, now you do not” syndrome. This is a common scenario with home-business owners. They place an ad in a newsletter, magazine, newspaper, direct mail, radio or website and when they don’t see quick results they pull their ad after a very short run. This is one of the biggest mistakes a business owner can make.

Studies show that often a consumer needs to see your ad (product or service) a number of times before making a purchasing decision. Not only does repeating your ad give your company recognition with the consumer, it also gives your company credibility.

Learn from the very expensive mistake of one internet company. This company put their entire advertising budget into a one-time advertising spot during the Super Bowl. They hired extra people to man the phone center, expecting huge results. After all, this was the Super Bowl with millions upon millions of viewers! But guess what happened? The phone hardly rang at all. They were dumbfound and lost their advertising budget completely. You cannot expect great results with a one-time shot at advertising. Even if you are advertising to millions of people, repetition is the key.

Your business needs three things from you: Time, energy, and advertising. Be realistic always and apply the law of averages. If you throw dice enough times, you’ll get snake eyes. If you plant enough seeds, you’ll reap an abundant harvest. These universal laws are not just true in advertising and business, but in our daily lives. Do the effective and efficient actions in your particular business and always remember that the only thing more important than activity is: Massive activity. The activities that you need to do in your business are simple, never neglect to do those simple things that you can do every day. Always hold the image in your mind of your business prospering and giving to you all the money you’ll ever need. It will happen.