Why Honesty is Important in Recruitment Advertising

When recruiting for a position it’s often tempting to embellish things and make the job sound a little better than it really is. After all, you want the best talent, right? Even though that sounds good, it’s a poor choice when it comes to getting new people for your business and it can easily backfire on you. Instead, you need to be honest about the job, the skills needed, and the kind of people you’re looking for. You can’t discriminate, but you can talk about certain traits or education that you want and need for the job, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

How you go about finding these people is important, too, because you want to advertise and recruit in the right places. You wouldn’t recruit at the high school for a position that required a master’s degree, for example, because no one in the group there would be qualified (except perhaps the teachers, and you wouldn’t be targeting them). Think carefully about the person that you’re looking to hire, what you need from him or her, and what you will and won’t accept. Is less education alright if the experience is there? What about a highly educated person who is just out of school with no experience?

Marketing recruitment agencies can help you, too, because they can take what you’re looking for and work to find people who will be suited to your needs. It’s not always faster this way, but it’s definitely easier and it keeps out many of the people who might not be qualified but that you would have had to sort through if you were doing the recruitment on your own. Especially when you are looking to fill management positions it becomes very important that you make sure you’re clear on the qualifications. You don’t want to waste your time, but you don’t want to waste the time of others, either. It’s bad business practice and can get you a reputation among those who are looking for work, making it harder to find the person that you really want to hire. A recruitment agency can help you avoid all of that hassle and present you with only qualified candidates based on the information that you’ve provided about what you’re looking for. Make sure that you’re clear on what you need, that you adjust accordingly after each person you interview if that person isn’t right for the job, and that you really look at each interviewee objectively.