Evaluating a Logo Designer’s Portfolio

In choosing the best graphic artist for your logo design, there are so many factors to consider that may help you in your decision making. The designer’s portfolio is as important as any credential that designers have.

Graphic designers may have a good working history with their clients, but in choosing one for your logo design, what is more important to evaluate is the designer’s portfolio. Designs that are according to the company’s need and taste are a plus. A very good portfolio is developed by an artist to impress clients. It will serve as evidence and proof of what the designer promised with regards to the type of service he or she can provide.

Presentation. The overall representation of the portfolio, like the case, type of paper, and so on, will surely show the quality of the design the graphic artist produces. A presentable and professional-looking portfolio will mean that the artist is committed to her or his craft by paying much attention to even the smallest detail. From the casing to the type of paper, the appearance of the portfolio matters.

Consistency. Look for consistency in the portfolio, for this will also reflect how the designer works. There should be no errors and erasures, and the paper should be neat and the content organized.

Starting and Finishing Works. Once you open the portfolio, the first sample should already put you in awe. As you progress through the designer’s portfolio, the work quality should also improve. The items in the portfolio should get stronger and better from first to the last item, not getting weaker.

Updated Portfolio. An updated portfolio means that the designer is committed to the craft. Frequent improvement will show that the designer accepts changes and is in the know when it comes to trends. This is a very good characteristic to look for, especially if you are just starting out with your business and want the expert visualization of a designer on what is in and what is out when it comes to designing a company logo.

The designer with a very good portfolio will reflect competence in the work he or she is tasked to do. If you see a well-organized portfolio, it will be very easy to evaluate and assess the works of the designer. Simple details, such as the paper used and the neatness of the portfolio, say a lot of things about the graphic artist. With these simple criteria, no doubt that you will make the right choice in choosing the perfect graphic artist for your company’s logo design.