How to Improve Corporate Brand Management and Improve Web Traffic by Branding Outgoing Emails

In the modern business environment, 85 percent of all communication now takes place via email. While companies are very particular about their branding and logos on letterhead, stationery and fax transmissions, these methods of communication now only constitute 15 percent of corporate communication.

So why is it that companies are ignoring the branding of the majority of their outgoing business communication?

The technology exists to ensure that every email that leaves the workplace is branded with consistent headers and logos, the names and addresses meet corporate branding standards, and that disclaimers and non-disclosure statements are attached in the email footer. Yet very few companies are using this technology.

Studies have found that by using consistent corporate branding on all outgoing emails, with clickable links to the company website and current promotions, the result is increased awareness about the business, increased leads, increased revenue, increased web traffic, and improved search engine ranking.

The average business person sends 47 external emails per day. Approximately 20 percent of emails sent by a business are forwarded to third parties. If a company has only 10 employees, then hundreds of business opportunities are lost each day because those emails carry no corporate branding.

From a corporate branding and public relations perspective, it is amazing that only a fraction of 1 percent of companies use corporate email branding. Company executives would be screaming if business letters went out on plain paper with no branding.

Most corporate email services provide the ability to insert a standard disclaimer or footer on all outgoing emails. But there are very few email services that allow a company to automatically insert branding at the top of outgoing emails.

I am aware of only one service that provides patented technology that allows the company to insert a logo or a promotional banner on all outgoing emails, with clickable links that drive traffic to the corporate website or multiple promotions.

Using this service, every time someone clicks on the links in the email, an alert is generated that shows who received the email and what they clicked on and their interest. Each alert is a lead that can be followed up to increase sales (or for a charity, bequests and donations).

The service also enables the corporate PR department to change the email banner at any time: when the banner is changed, then all outgoing emails across the entire organisation automatically carries the new branding message and links.

Each click on the links embedded within the email branding not only drives traffic to the corporate website, but also improves search engine ranking.

By using email branding technology on the thousands of emails leaving a business each day, a company can control its corporate image, apply professional business standards, drive traffic to the website, extend the visibility of special promotions, and improve search engine rankings.