Top 10 Reputation Brand Management Tips

With internet providing enough scope for people to express their opinions about anybody or anything through blogs and forums, it is natural that a few brands/companies become victims to negative propaganda online. Online reputation brand management is imperative to ensure positive search engine results and publicity. Use the ten tips given below for effective reputation brand management.

1) Networking:

Request the sites that publish negative content about your brand to remove the comments or articles. Appreciate the sites that have published positive reviews about you.

2) Blog hosting:

A corporate blog can allow you to promote your products, services, exclusive sales offers, discounts, etc.

3) Bookmarking:

You can use the social bookmarking tools in blog posts posted in your company blog for receiving targeted viral traffic.

4) Use lens and hubpages:

You must build Squidoo lenses and HubPages to popularize your brand.

5) Testimonials:

Request your customers to post positive feedbacks and testimonials in, Consumer or which are specialized review sites.

6) Social media:

Use social media like LinkedIn and Facebook and capitalize on the ‘twitter’ rage to promote your brand.

7) Press releases:

Regular press releases on your products, innovations, unique features, offers, sales, etc can create interest among the online users.

8) Videos and webinars:

YouTube videos are a rage among the online community, upload videos about your company to YouTube. Post webinars in specialized sites for sharing.

9) Syndicate articles:

Provide well written articles for syndication. This will get high quality backlinks and increase search engine rankings.

10) Expert help:

Seek the help of reputation brand management professionals for enhancing your brand reputation online.