Customer Service

Customer Service, On the Decline?

What Happened to Customer Care?

Is this a question that you find yourself asking? It is bad enough when we are in a bricks and mortar shop but at least then we know we can find the shop again, we can protest, we can complain to authorities. But when it comes to online transactions the anxiety level can easily increase as you search for that contact information.

Your Website and Customer Service

If you run an online business, now think about your website. Here are nine questions to ask yourself:

1) Do you have an easy to find contact page?

2) Does your contact page automatically send the customer a reassuring message?

3) Do you display your consumer care policy?

4) Can the customer easily understand your positive attitude to customer service?

5) Do your management, technicians, and other operating personnel know what your customer service policy states?

6) Is it easy to implement your customer support system?

7) Does anyone follow up on support issues?

8) Do you know what your customers think about your consumer service pledge and your support service?

9) Have you ever asked them what they think?

Some fairly straight-forward questions. It is really important to establish what you, your employees and your customers are thinking when it comes to customer service. You may believe that you have a very fair and easy to operate customer support service but if your staff do not know what it is and your customers have never heard of it… is it really a good system?

Customer Care Systems

Selecting an easy to use customer care system system will relieve you and your staff of

a good deal of anxiety. When using an online customer service software, you can all relax knowing

that all consumer care issues are being recorded and followed up automatically by the software.

By making use of a standard software solution, your technicians and other personnel will be able to take advantage of the many useful features. For instance, the current level of unresolved issues can easily be checked at any time. Response to unresolved support requests can be made.

These functions can be carried out from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. So you can check up on your customer care situation from your home, a hotel room or on your mobile telephone. This method of software deployment offers a great deal of advantages over the older pc hard disk based systems.

Great customer care revolves around how your customers view you and your operation. Perception is everything. So when you demonstrate your ability to solve your clients their problems in a fair and amicable way, they gain confidence in as a high quality supplier.

Your Level Of Customer Service

Whether the general level of customer care on the decline or is improving is a matter of debate. The important question is: Is your customer experience that you provide reflecting a high level of customer care? Benefit from a giving great customer service, it can be set up in just five minutes.