Four Uses for a Customized Banner

One of the best ways to attract the attention from the roadside is with custom vinyl signs and banners. The custom street signs can be eye-catching and informative as well. They can be used for a variety of purposes. Banners can be long and are usually only limited by how much room someone has to display it or how much money they wish to spend.

1. Personal Messages

A personal message to friends, family or loved ones can make someone feel special. You can say it LOUD with a custom banner. A custom banner can welcome someone home after a military deployment, wish them a happy birthday or congratulate them on a promotion, birth of a child or graduating from school.

2. Commercial Use

Businesses use custom banners as marketing tools. They can announce a sale, grand opening, customer appreciation day or advertise a new product. Because the banners are durable and will last outdoors for quite some time, they can be used over and over again or left on display as long as they serve a purpose. The business can put their name and company logo in bold print or simply present a message.

3. Special Events

When a large number of people are coming from far and near to attend an event, a landmark for everyone to see is needed. This is especially helpful for events such as family reunions, company picnics and birthday bashes. A banner can be hung at the entrance of the venue as it is setting up and taken down during clean-up. Custom banners are relatively lightweight, so it only takes one or two people to hang them up. They are sturdy enough to affix to trees or buildings even in rain or snowstorms. When high winds are expected, however, they should be secured or taken down to preserve long-term use.

4. Entrances

Traditional outdoor banners are usually hung up and extend horizontally for people to see. Sometimes this is impractical; most notably when there is not enough room to stretch a sign across an entrance or storefront. In such cases, a vertical outdoor banner stand is a practical alternative. An A-shaped vertical sign will hold a large message or picture on it, and can be set out at an entrance to nearly any venue. This is helpful for advertising special events, such as new exhibits at the zoo or museum, a special sports match-up or an upcoming gala.

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