How to Personalise an Engraved Executive Gift

If you have read my articles on how to personalise an executive gift you will have seen that there are many ways to achieve the perfect results.

In this article I want to explore further the options you have when choosing an engraved executive gift to give to your valued clients, suppliers or colleagues.

The most obvious way is to add the person’s initials; this makes the gift highly personal, and can show that you really have thought about them and the process.

As an example, imagine someone gave you or one of your friends some elegant cuff links that had been engraved with a company logo, you might imagine that apart from when the are visiting that particular company, they might not choose to wear what it clearly an advertisement on a normal day at the office.

Contrast that with the thought of a beautiful pair of silver plated cufflinks, with each one discreetly engraved with initials and the whole gift giving experience moves to a new level. The lucky recipient views the engraved executive gift as a highly personal gift, and one that will be treasured, and of course always remembered will be who and when gave them such a beautiful gift.

There are many times though when the gift needs more words than just simple initials, perhaps you are commemorating a product launch, an anniversary, or even a promotion or retirement, and as such elegant corporate gifts are perfect for awards or recognition gifts, and it is when the gift is for one of these purposes that it makes sense to try and add a longer message.

Most good online engraved executive gift stores will give you the option to usually select three lines of about 15 letters that can be engraved on the item where space allows, or if it is a smaller item, perhaps just one line.

Some online stores charge just a modest extra amount for engraving, so there is no need to worry about huge charges for making the gift perfect for your purpose, and the best sites will arrange for delivery to be made to you in as little as two or three days, saving you time and money.

Lets imagine that you have a company anniversary, and you want to give your top 25 clients an engraved executive gift as a lasting reminder of such a momentous occasion.

My recommendation is that you come up with a standard message for each one, but take the trouble to add their name to the product as well, making it personal to them, and reminding them at the same time how much you value the relationship.

A typical message might be ” Presented to (insert name) on the occasion of the 25 year anniversary of (insert your company name) on (insert the date)

Now, there are a few simple steps to make sure that when you have say selected an elegant silver plated and engraved item that is suitable for a 25th anniversary, you get as much goodwill as possible.

There is probably no bigger faux pas than having a spelling mistake of a name or company on any personalised gift, so please take your time to proof read the names and spellings, and always ask a colleague to double check what you are about to order.

When you receive the delivery, always check every single one and then if you have used one of the excellent gift sites that give you gift boxes, gift tags and gifts bags, you should hand write a simple but personal message to each person, add their name to the gift card envelope, and then staple or attach the card to the gift bag to make it easy to see who gets each gift.

Remember also that you do not need to select the same engraved executive gift for everyone, you can, if you use a good online engraved executive gift web site, choose a different gift for everyone.

Giving a well thought out personalised gift to a key client, an important supplier or a valued colleague is will make a huge positive impact on your relationship, so take your time and enjoy the process of selecting the perfect personalised gift.