You’ve Got the Power to Write Press Releases that Get Published

Remember in college, those droning professors that put your class to sleep? Then there were the rare few who challenged you, kept you interested, excited, and enthusiastic about subjects that you might not even have wanted to know about. Similarly, a press release should never be a boring, sleep inducing, yawner that puts the media and other audiences to snoring. If your dog is napping, wake up and smell the puppy chow.

Present your business to the media and your target audiences online, offline, borderline and over the line, with a funny heartfelt message that is newsworthy and reap the beneficial results.


How can you communicate about your business in 400 words or less?

After reading what you wrote, would you hit the snooze alarm?

Is your story something others will wag their tongues about?

Business owners can tell their story to the media, so that journalists wake up and pay attention, and customers run do not walk to their website to buy their products and/or services.

How about this Pup-Lick Relations tip from my dog Cici. “Consider telling your business tale with animal media spokespersons or animal stories.

“Know why Geico has a Gecko in their TV commercials? What about Tony the Tiger, Morris the cat, Taco Bell’s Chihuahua or Smokey the Bear. During the Super Bowl, the average price for a 30-second spot was $2.5 million. In these ads, many companies portrayed furry animals to convey their message.

“Dogs, cats and even fake, stuffed and animated animals can enhance how you tell the world who you are and what you represent. Why? One reason is that people love animals. And so do the media. When you touch people’s hearts, funny bones and get them talking to one another about your business, (aka word of mouth), ka-ching… you’ve written the write stuff,” she concludes.

Below are 12 ideas to jump start your plan to write one press release for every month of the year. Focus upon holidays and pets. Team up and support a local animal organization for one year and include photos and videos with your news releases.


Write a press release about the pet rescue/shelter’s New Year’s Resolutions. Tell a heartwarming tale about a particular dog or cat or horse. Let the media know that you are donating a percentage of your profits to support these animals.


Write about how your company is now offering pet services. Even if you are a CPA or florist or printer, you can provide pet services. Be creative and pet owners will love to do business with your company.


Write a St. Patrick’s Day theme such as Green Pet Day or Green Pet Food Day. Educate, entertain and inspire.


Write about the Easter pet parade or event you are sponsoring. Everyone loves a heartwarming tale. Keep a tally of how many pets your business has saved, how many pit bulls were rescued, or how your generosity inspired a larger donation to your favorite pet cause.


Write about the fundraiser the pet charity is doing with your assistance. Winners receive a free service from your business. Promote events ahead of time for maximum coverage. Three to six months ahead of time is ideal and the local newspaper may print a few stories leading up to the event.


Write tips for keeping pets hydrated during the summer heat. Or safely taking a pet on vacation.


Write about the work of a wonderful local kennel, pet sitter, boarding facility and/or doggie daycare place.


Did the dogs from the organization receive swimming lessons to enjoy the Dog Days of Summer, tell the world.


Home sweet homes for those cats you have been sponsoring are always a good news brief.


Write a spooky story with photos about the pet costume party that the pet organization is putting on for the pets.


How have you answered HOW MANY pet’s prayers? Got recipes? Compile a Thanksgiving community cookbook or calendar with recipes for healthy pet food and treats that the pet organization can sell as a fundraiser.


Write about how the community’s pet gift giving has made a huge difference in these particular pet’s lives and impacted the health of the pet organization.

Voila, you now have a plan for the year. Be sure to post press releases on your website and distribute them to your media contact list and via online press distribution services such as,, and others.