Air and Ocean Freight Delivery Both Viable Options For International Shipping

Businesses dealing in the global market must wrestle with the question of what is the most efficient and cost effective mode of international shipping… air freight or ocean freight? The answer is that there is no definitive answer. It depends on the client and their individual shipping needs. As such it is important for a shipping and logistics entity provide to be a proven commodity in both entities. At Zircon Logistics, reliable cargo transportation by air or by water is an air tight certainty.

The ocean route of cargo shipping has grown in popularity of late as it has gained in both efficiency and cost effectiveness. With reliable on-time transportation to both national and international ports, Zircon Logistics’ ocean shipping division is an example of why more and more businesses are choosing reliable water transportation of freight. For the uninitiated, ocean freight is transported in a quality shipping container. Mediterranean shipping of ocean freight and overseas shipping of ocean cargo are guaranteed, a reflection of the effectiveness of our logistics solutions. China shipping is available as well as shipping of harbor freight to other Asian ports of call, Ontario and Quebec in Canada, and in the United States in ports ranging from New York to Seattle.

While ocean shipping has become an increasingly viable form of shipping, there is something of a threshold in terms of the amount of air freight that can be transported on the water. In terms of efficiency and lower costs, items that fit into the categories of smaller shipments, express shipments, high-value shipments, and time sensitive shipments are still best served by being shipped via air. Air Freight and safe cargo handling is something of a specialty at Zircon Logistics. Using air shipping containers, our excellent logistics management solutions allow us to provide air freight services that are consistently on time and safe. International cargo plans offer top of the line service to national and international ports across the United States, Canada, China and other Asian ports of call.

The choice between air and ocean shipping is a personal one that comes down to each company’s individual needs. One thing is for certain though… international shipping is best put in the hands of a company with the logistics solutions to make safe and reliable transport a foregone conclusion.