The Likeability Factor – It’s More Important Than You Think

Regardless of a person’s position or age, being likeable greatly increases his or her chances of having a happy, fulfilling life, both professionally and personally. Likeability is not just an accident of nature, however; it is a set of skills that can be learned, practiced, and perfected. How do your customers perceive you? Do you come across as friendly or very serious? Are people, not just customers, attracted to you or do they keep away from you?

Remember: the likeability factor plays a major role in the decision making process of customers. Most customers tend to be ruled by emotions rather than logic.

Whether you believe it or not, if you do not possess the likeability factor, all of your efforts towards becoming an expert and rooting yourself well may not be effective. Decision making is a threefold process: listening, believing and evaluating. It happens in the minds of the customers. Listening is a conscious choice, which is much different from hearing, as it includes a conscious effort to understand.

Customers tend to listen to people that they like. When it come to the believing, customers believe in people that they like.

So you must build your credibility, become an expert, root yourself well in your targeted niche, and above all, be the most likeable person in he business.

Your likeability factor will not only make your prospective customers listen to you and believe in you, but it will also make them place a higher rating on your services.

Every impression you may on someone will stay with them forever, so make sure the first one that you give them is your best.