3 Fundamental Places To Position Security Cameras – Stay On Watch 24/7!

What could be the possible reasons why people feel the need for security cameras? Of course, self-security is the first and foremost probability for the requirement. To segregate the importance, we can safely say that ‘investigating’ or ‘intimidating’ formulate for the obvious aspects that determine the demand for investing in security cameras.

Imagine the possible help the footages collected from a surveillance camera on the crime spot can help you solve a murder case. These images make for the first-hand and foolproof evidence for a mid-night robbery at a bank, or even find the men behind a business tycoon’s stick-up in broad daylight. Apart from that security cameras have solved big mysteries behind sex offenders, drug dealings etc. – in fact, a recent example can be the takedown of Harlem drug dealers in New York City Housing Authority.

Nevertheless, to garner maximum benefits and help using security cameras, you cannot ignore the fact that placement of your camera matters big time. If you position your cameras in the right places, you can get every little incident caught on tape… even see when the neighbor’s cat sneaks in from the kitchen door and hides under your kitchen counter… !

Let’s check out the top 5 fundamental places you can position your security cameras and starting spying:

Guarding the entrance and exit outlets:

Well, whoever it is planning to pull out a gun and create a ruckus at your office, or a public place, one way you can get the person on tape s by securing the entrance and exit pathways. Placing your security cameras near the ‘in’ and ‘out’ doors or gates will help you best in viewing and recording who and what time any person comes in. This way, you’d be able to record the facial image of the person. Make sure that the area where you position the camera is illuminated enough to help captures clear images.

ATM’s, Shopping Malls, Ticket Booths or Any Customer or Public Transaction points:

Placing security cameras at ATMs, shopping malls, jewelry stores, ticket booths, cash counters, or even kiosks can help you secure all your ends. The public transaction points are prone to incidents like shop-lifting, gunpoint mugging or even incidents like mobile snatching. The hidden surveillance cameras can help get everything caught on tape and later shown to the police. The approximate height to place the security cameras should be between 6ft. to 8ft in the face of the area to be focused. Placing the camera too high might not be able to catch a vivid image, except for the top shot of the scenario with no facial recognition possible.

The ‘Marked’ Territories:

By ‘Marked’ territories, it means the most common hit locations that a burglars or a thief will hit. These include jewelry dressers, locker rooms, drawers, cabinets etc. Precisely speaking, any place where there are valuable items or confidential documents, the offender will strike there for sure. It might not necessarily be a stranger, perhaps some known person, maybe your employee, your children’s maid or anyone who knows you really well who carries ill feelings for you might plan an attempt… in your office or in your own home.

If you keep these areas secure using security cameras, there is no way a crime can take place in your vicinity. Bring protection around you and you don’t need a fiction comic hero to be your savior – be your own hero.