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Bar and Cellar Equipment

There are thousands of public houses up and down the country which handle many customers and therefore millions of pints of beer, spirits, soft drinks and other consumable products everyday. To keep up with these high demands, requires the use of good quality Bar and Cellar Equipment.

Good quality bar and cellar equipment is essential to the everyday requirements and demands of a successful profitable public house, club bar, or just about any premises where alcohol such as beer, spirits or wine is served. Equipment must be long lasting and very durable especially such items as barstools, chairs, tables and glassware.

There is a wide range of equipment available for all the different aspects of bar work and some of this equipment will include:

o Bar furniture

o Beer dispensing

o Cocktail items

o Glassware

o Icemakers

o Spirit measures and wine accessories

Storing and maintaining beer and lager in perfect condition requires good dispensing equipment.

Beer dispensing will include such items as cask auto-tilts, ale extractors, cask taps and cask pipe & fittings.

Good hygiene is extremely important and the cleaning and drying of glasses is an essential requirement. Glass washing cabinets are an effective and popular way to achieve this. Other items necessary for speedy and efficient glass washing also includes the use of a glass washer stand and a glass washer basket. Other equipment can also include the use of an inline water softener which is fitted between the mains water supply and the glass washer. The use of an inline water softener can help prolong the useable life of glassware and helps eliminate any lime scale which would otherwise build up on the glasses, especially in hard water areas.

Many customers require drinks that need to be cooled with ice so an ice making unit is essential in today’s modern bar. Most of today’s icemakers are automatic and will have features that enable high speed production of hard crystal clear ice cubes even in hard water areas.

Other items commonly used in bar work can include: fast food baskets, commercial toasters, food check digital probes, menu folders, tent type table signs, place mats and cutlery.

Spirit measures are available in all kinds of styles and designs but their purpose remains the same and that is to measure out legal capacities of spirits and these are 25ml, 35ml and 50ml.

Many other items to increase the efficiency of the successful bar may include, bar drainer trays, straw dispensers, ice buckets, bottle bins and pillar bottle openers, to name just a few.