Small Business

Fast Way to Make Money – Clean Up, Quick Washing and Detailing Cars

Need a fast way to make money? Put a sign in the yard letting people know that you will clean and detail cars. Clean and detail your own card and park it where it can be a shinning example of your work. You will be surprised at how many people do not have time to keep their car clean and waxed. Take a look around, a lot of those car washes that used to be all over the town are not there anymore. The owners were required to pay minimum wage and they could not pay people to work there anymore.

Take advantage of the need, this is a fast way to make money. All you need is three or four cars a day and you will have a fast hundred dollars to help with your budget worries. You will probably be so popular with your regular customers that you will have to hire extra help when prom time rolls around. Every kid wants to show up in a hot car that has a great wax job.

Depending on the school, kids may not have the day to get ready for the prom anymore; they may actually have school that day. If a guy does not have time to take care of his car, then he is going to ask the parent to take care of it. You know they are not going to clean, wax and detail a kid’s car, so they are going to call you. Your reputation will get around and you will be able to pick and choose your jobs. This is a great fast way to make money.