Small Business

Title Examiners & Abstractors Must Work Hard For Clients

Independent title examiners (sometimes called abstractors or even abstracters) are finding that more and more of our clients are going out of business…sometimes owing us quite a bit of money. While collecting receivables is quite a problem, finding new clients is an even greater concern.

In addition to traveling to 1, 2 possibly 4 courthouses a day, now we have to start calling prospective clients to let them know we are out there. It is scary to realize that the days of calling or emailing a client and getting orders that day are gone. Instead, we have to call, and email and fax and sometimes do it all over again to keep vendor managers and supervisors aware that we can cover counties for them.

Don’t even get me started on the price wars…for now, we just have to find the clients. Using the Internet can be very helpful, but there are a few services out there, free or otherwise that help. Some are “communities” where people can chat about the goings on in our industry, others are strict databases. In combing the net for resources to help me build my business, I find that paid databases or communities work best. Probably because someone is actually monitoring it, I would guess.

And if I can have access to a few THOUSAND clients, for less than $15 a year, I find that to be a good investment in my business. To be truthful, I hate calling people and asking for work, but I hate the idea of losing my career more.