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Warehouse Pallet Racking Supplier In Melbourne And Victoria

Are you looking for a new or used pallet racking? Well, if you are running a warehouse business and don’t know how to organize everything, then you might not be aware of the pallet racking. A pallet racking system is a storage aid system designed for storing materials on the pallets.

There is a wide range of pallet racking and all types allow materials to be stored in horizontal rows on multiple levels. No matter how many items you have, all are stored, arranged, and safely organized on the pallet racking system. At, you have two pallet racking system options, namely:

  • Selective racking
  • Drive-in racking

Pallet racks have four main components; these components are the following:

  • Uprights
  • Beams
  • Pallet supports/Wire decking
  • Row spacers

With these components, it organized your materials and stored them in a safe place.

Types and designs of pallet racks

If you are looking for a pallet rack, you must know the types and designs for you to know which type you need. The different types and designs of pallet racks provide a lot of purposes inside the warehouse, such as:

  • Selective pallet racks. The most common type is used for low density but high in selectivity.
  • Double deep pallet racks. It is constructed back-to-back for higher storage density. It uses forklift aisles.
  • Push-back pallet rack. It uses inclined rails and gravity flow for making placement and retrieval of the pallets easier. It is nearly identical to the drive-thru or drive-in racking, except that it is designed for phishing forward pallets.
  • Drive-in/Drive-thru pallet rack. It has low selectivity and high density, which allows for fewer forklift aisles. The name of this racking got its name from how it is used. It looks like a lane with rails side by side.
  • Stock pallet flow racks. The design is driven by gravity, equipped with wheels. The unique design allows the pallets to flow forward from the entrance to the opposite side of the rack for easy picking.
  • Cantilever rack. It uses cantilevered arms for storing long and narrow items. It has a simplistic design and is mainly for long or oversized products, such as pipes and timber.

These different types of pallet rackings are perfect for your warehouses. Any of them can be what your business needs, just look for a reliable supplier in Melbourne and Victoria. Pick which pallet rack that your warehouse needs and contact the supplier.

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